Sticking Around

Loving Arms (optimism)

Sinking in the gravity of fate’s blackhole  Indifference consumes a wounded soul                                                                                                  Light rings reflect, reenergizing a goal Rejecting the proposition for a bystander’s role Heart begins to chip away at its hard mold Love’s hand reaches out and optimism takes hold A whisper illuminates what has been foretold Protagonist grows from feeble to bold … Continue reading Loving Arms (optimism)

Say Cheese!

Fortune and fame sometimes the desire for you is so hard to tame I wonder if it has anything to do with an American Dream Or the lack of direction some of us had as misguided teens The answer can probably be found in the in-between Take the answer in like a heroin fiend Escape … Continue reading Say Cheese!


I had a wonderful dream Woke up by a peaceful stream Give me a coffee, no sugar, no cream To me family means same team Everybody gets playing time Dad, please don’t embarrass us with another rhyme I know you still imagine yourself in your prime Dropping wisdom bombs when the toll cost a dime … Continue reading Family


It can all be explained Just a small rollercoaster ride inside my brain I’ll show you why my thoughts can’t be contained If I laid down on a couch, would I be insane? Or would I finally discover how to rearrange All the drama that perpetually drains It’s a condition it’s how I ‘ve been … Continue reading Conditioned?

Hold On to it

Red pill, blue pill Is the Matrix real? Do the creators of the games actually feel? Or are we just a puppy meal? A fish out of water can’t breathe through the gill We’re under assault, this is Hamburger Hill This isn’t Universal Health Care, the government’s not paying the bill It’s up to us … Continue reading Hold On to it

Optimistic Ostrich

I came in the door running at the mouth like a mad man Mouth flapping, keyboard tapping but had no Bible in hand People have feelings and needs, allow me to take my head out of the sand Like a big flightless bird I’m sick and tired of feeling absurd The Lord said stand with … Continue reading Optimistic Ostrich


I’m imperfect, I’m learning I’m hopeful, I’m a realist               I’m a seeker, I’m focused I’m scared, I’m proud I’m weak, I’m strong I’m hurt, I’m comfortable I’m lost, I’m found I’m rubber, I’m glue I’m me, I’m you!


I still use a notebook and a pen. If my reading glasses are near, I’ll use notes on my phone to capture a thought. Thoughts are consecutive but fleeting. The quicker I write them down the better or they may be lost forever. In my laziness and my naïve youthful arrogance. I let so many … Continue reading Winters


So much alienation and hateful victimization Why can’t we love everyone from every nation? Lost in worldly intoxication, cannabis is a therapeutic medication Can you hear me? Tune in the station Play that song from Dirty Heads where they talk about everyday being a vacation Take a break from the world’s annihilation One can only … Continue reading Contemplation


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