Say Cheese!

Fortune and fame sometimes the desire for you is so hard to tame

I wonder if it has anything to do with an American Dream

Or the lack of direction some of us had as misguided teens

The answer can probably be found in the in-between

Take the answer in like a heroin fiend

Escape to where it doesn’t matter

This is a race in wonderland and you’re losing to the Mad Hatter

Could you sit there looking any sadder?

Don’t be like Jabba the Hut, he’s only getting fatter

Let selfish dreams fall to the ground and go splatter

Concentrate, turn off the unwanted chatter

Close your eyes and breath

Let all your worries go free

Today the only thing to care about is family

Floating down the river feeling the breeze

Oneness with nature guides us forward with powerful ease

Look they’re taking our picture everybody say cheese!



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