I had a wonderful dream

Woke up by a peaceful stream

Give me a coffee, no sugar, no cream

To me family means same team

Everybody gets playing time

Dad, please don’t embarrass us with another rhyme

I know you still imagine yourself in your prime

Dropping wisdom bombs when the toll cost a dime

You mean back when everyone wanted to get soaked in Nickelodeon slime?

We were listening to “What I Got” on the radio, all was Sublime

Keep the silence for meditation and a classical mime

I get loud, like a gear shift grind

Just writing this piece because I have my kids on my mind

I needed to tell them they’re more important to me than the sunshine

Dissolve your worries with turpentine

Trust that your Heavenly Father has you and you’ll be just fine

Now go call your mother and tell her you love her, and I’ll go call mine.



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