It can all be explained

Just a small rollercoaster ride inside my brain

I’ll show you why my thoughts can’t be contained

If I laid down on a couch, would I be insane?

Or would I finally discover how to rearrange

All the drama that perpetually drains

It’s a condition it’s how I ‘ve been trained

I’m Pavlov’s dog and the bell keeps ringing

Keeping me from the joyful song I want to be singing

But war, greed, human trafficking, and homelessness keeps it repetitively dinging

Wake up no more day dreaming

I’m a locomotive but we should all be steaming

Turning one’s back doesn’t stop the enemy from scheming

Listen can’t you hear inaction screaming?

Forgive me I’m not trying to be offending

I’m just sick of hate and self-defeating behavior that keeps repeating

If I went on anymore, I might sound like Dax and that could be misconstrued as cheating

So I’ll end this with a have a nice day and thank you for reading

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