Agitated, aggressive battle rap

In my mind like a repetitive beat, that’s a trap

Wake me up, pimp hand slap

Maybe I should have ordered one less beer from the tap?

I’ll read this message from a bottle

Relax, remove foot from throttle

Let’s slow down and decide what to talk about

Don’t use profanity and don’t shout

Well never mind

I guess you can count me out

I’m a fighter refusing to take a dive in this bout

I stand up for love and for some reason this makes the world pout

The Lord gave me wings, I’m just waiting for them to sprout

Then I’ll fly far, far away to a celestial place

Where I’ll hopefully find out, I wasn’t a total disgrace

He knew I’d be a puppy and my tail I would sometimes chase

Self-hatred so strong I couldn’t look in the mirror, fearing my face

Now I wake up trying to get any love that I can actually taste

To no longer be caught up in unnecessary haste

Realizing there’s not enough time left to let it go to waste

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