Character Building

John Christian Snow is the proprietor of a popular bar near downtown Tampa. Simply named The Place, it is also the location where he runs a lucrative drug business and numerous other shady dealings over the last twenty years. He’s a hard man of 55, stands about 6 foot 2, weighs 230 pounds, and has salt and pepper hair. He wears tailor made suits and a paddy hat. Cross him at your own risk is the warning around town. His father was a soldier stationed at Fort Hood in Texas and his mother was a stripper from Houston. He was an only child until he was thirteen. His mother had an affair and got knocked up by a regular at the club where she worked. She gave birth to his little brother while her husband was away fighting for some politician’s cause. His father would return twelve months later drunk and weary from war. In a fit of rage from the news of his wife’s infidelity his father strangled his mother with his bare hands. Holding his half-brother in his arms he watched as the fight and breath left her body for the last time. That night John Christian Snow packed up his little brother, placed him into a stroller with what little possessions and money they had and walked to the end of the cobblestone walkway away from the house. Telling his sleeping brother that he’d be right back, he quietly walked back inside the house. Grabbed his father’s revolver and checked to see if it was loaded. Stepping quietly to his father’s chair with loaded weapon in hand, he kissed his passed out father on the forehead. As he was whispering goodbye, he pressed the gun to his father’s temple and pulled the trigger. Shoving the gun into his jacket he went to collect his little brother and without looking back, he walked away from his home and his youth forever. They ended up at the home of their mother’s sister, an old spinster with no children of her own. Without hesitation she welcomed the boys into her small home with the expectation that John Christian as she called him, would be helping with chores and looking after the little one. They lived with her there until she died from a sudden heart attack while hanging clothes on the line five years later. John Christian buried her ashes on a hillside underneath her favorite magnolia tree.  

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