So many fake smiles and meaningless stuffing

Like Brennan Manning, I’m a ragamuffin

When the enemy attacks it means nothing

The battle has been won, he’s just bluffing

I search through a kaleidoscope

Hanging onto any existence of hope

Every day I cross the same tight rope

Negativity knocks, trying to induce a mope

No thanks, I’ve been down that path

And it’s a slippery slope

Like the first time I tried dope

I politely say, “No, thank you. Again, nope.”

That’s not for me anymore, no thanks

I’m comfortable with myself, keep all your childish pranks

This is a movie audition, and I’m Tom Hanks

The enemy will keep attacking, but he’s only shooting blanks

Trust that the heart is fortified, by an army of indestructible tanks

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