Shallow water won’t do

The tides come in and it’s about to get deep

Like the problems you can’t solve that won’t let you sleep

Trying to complete your journey in a dilapidated jeep

There’s music on and its Radio Head singing, “Creep”

Watch out you almost hit Little Bo Peep

Keep counting her with all the jumping sheep

Eyelids closed, brain still works

Thoughts attack like underpaid mercs

Engaging the enemy sometimes hurts

Sweating from fear, time to change your shirt

Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve

Sometimes we have to stop trying to achieve

If someone wants to go, let them leave

It’s not my job to make anyone believe

I’m just a struggling servant hiding behind rhyming for fun

If I needed to buy anything, it would be forgiveness by the ton

Stop living life like a desperate fugitive on the run

Forgiveness was paid for when the Father sent the Son

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