Hey seeker, is the path burning your skin?

Can you tolerate the pain till you get to the end?

Hang in there, maybe you’ll have a revelation

Or at least another theory on how it all began

From a small little mustard seed, you can fertilize the land

Wait here comes a barcode scan

Was that all part of the plan?

Or is it just because we live in a fallen world

Uprooted from the garden faster than a cops baton twirl

If you’re giving away ice cream, make mine a swirl

Cone in hand

Thanks ice-cream man

Melts down drips into hot sand

Remembrance of a time without demand

The world says I can’t

But I was told I can

Acid in my eye

Tripping daisies must comply

Get over being shy

Reveal the soul

Wasn’t that the goal?

Get it all out before the bell tolls

No more hiding under the bridge with the other trolls

No more repeating the same steps down into the same rabbit hole

Find that last piece of yourself and in completion the heart becomes whole

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