Scalpel please

Incision on my chest

Now you can reach in and feel my heart

Just so you know that I’ve felt it from the start

Heart goes beat, beat, beat

Seal me up with my own internal heat

Say a prayer for 43rd Street

Bring a delicious casserole to the next meet and greet

But maybe you think about having your four-year-old wear a mask

On the playground a six-year-old and his mother puts your decision to task

Why does it matter, I have to ask?

If we all drink whiskey, does it matter what’s in our flask?

How’s a child know how to hate?

Nature, nurture, or just one’s fate?

“The Catcher in the Rye” should have installed a gate

Its not my place to regulate who shouldn’t mate

But if we were to pass a law, would it be federal or state?

State, state, state

Think, think, think

This is a long horrible book

About free animals stuck in a cage

A thousand different writers but never on the same page                          

I sit down, my first instinct is to Google ‘against the machine’,

You know the one with rage?

Relax, this isn’t where I morph into an apocalyptic old sage.

I just wish we could all live in the Golden Age

So one day instead of rejection, we experience a tranquil namaste

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